GST Rate & HSN Code for Umbrellas & Accessories – Chapter 66

GST Rates & HSN Codes on Umbrellas- Walking sticks, parts & Trimming

HeadingHSN CodeItem nameRate
660166010000Umbrellas and sun umbrellas (including walkingstick umbrellas, garden umbrellas and similar umbrellas) 12.00%
660166011000Garden or similar umbrellas12.00%
660166019100Umbrellas, having a telescopic shaft12.00%
660166019900Other umbrellas and sun umbrella12.00%
660266020000Walking-sticks, seat-sticks, whips, riding crops and the like12.00%
660366030000Parts, trimmings and accessories of articles of heading 6601 to 660212.00%
660366031000Handles and knobs12.00%
660366032000Umbrella frames, including frames mounted on shafts12.00%
660366039000Other parts, trimmings, accessories of umbrellas or walking-sticks12.00%

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