GST Rate & HSN Code for Tea & Coffee Extract & Essence – Chapter 21

GST Rates & HSN Codes on Tea & Coffee Extracts, Essence & Concentrates

HeadingHSN CodeItem nameRate
210121010000Extracts, essences and concentrates, of coffee, and preparations with a basis of these extracts, essences or concentrates or with a basis of coffee (i.e. instant coffee, coffee aroma etc)28.00%
210121012000Extracts, essences and concentrates, of toa or mate, and preparations with a basis of these extracts, essences or concentrates or with a basis of tea or mate (i.e. instant tea, quick black tea, tea aroma, etc.)18.00%
210121011000Extracts, essences, concentrates of coffee, thereof preparations28.00%
210121011110Instant coffee, flavoured28.00%
210121011120Instant Coffee28.00%
210121011120Instant coffee, not flavoured28.00%
210121011130Coffee aroma28.00%
210121012000Extracts, essences, concentrates of tea or mate, thereof preparations18.00%
210121012010Instant tea18.00%
210121012020Quick brewing black tea18.00%
210121012030Tea aroma18.00%
210121013000Roasted chicory 12.00%
210121013000Roasted coffee substitutes 12.00%
210121013000Roasted chicory & other coffee substitutes & extracts, essences & concentrates thereof12.00%
210221020000Yeasts and prepared baking powders.12.00%
210221021000Active yeasts12.00%
210221021010Culture yeast12.00%
210221021020Baker’s yeast12.00%
210221021090Other (yeast)12.00%
210221022000Inactive yeasts, other single-cell micro-organisms (dead)12.00%
210221023000Prepared baking powders12.00%
210321030000Sauces and preparations therefor.12.00%
210321030000Mixedcondiments and mixed seasonings;mustard flour and meal and prepared mustard, other sauces and preparations therefor.12.00%
210321031000Soya sauce18.00%
210321032000Tomato ketchup, other tomato sauces18.00%
210321033000Mustard flour, meal, prepared mustard12.00%
210321039000Other sauces and preparations therefor,mixed condiments, mixed seasoning12.00%
210321039010Paste of onion, ginger or garlic and similar other paste and combination thereof including curry paste whether or not sold in sealed container18.00%
210321039020Chilli sauce12.00%
210321039030Mayonnaise and salad dressings18.00%
210321039040Mixed condiments and mixed seasoning18.00%
210421040000Soups and broths and preparations therefor; homogenised composite food preparations.18.00%
210421041010Soups and broths and preparations therefor: Dried18.00%
210421041010Soups and broths and preparations therefor: other18.00%
210421042000Homogenised composite food preparations18.00%
210521050000Icecream and other edible ice, whether or not containing cocoa18.00%
210621060000Prasadam supplied by religious place like temples, mosques, churches, gurudwaras, dargahs etc.NIL
210621060000Terxturised vegetable proteins (soya bari).12.00%
210621060000Roasted Gram5.00%
210621060000Batters, including idli / dosa batter12.00%
210621069000Namkeens, bhujia, mixture, chabena and similar edible preparations in ready for consumption form.12.00%
210621060000All kinds of food mixes including instant food mixes, soft drink concentrates, Sharbat, Betel nut product known as “Supari”, Sterilised or paterurized millstone, ready to eat packaged food and milk containing edible nuts with sugar or other ingredients, Diabetic foods; other than Namkeens, bhujia, mixture, chabena and similar edible preparations in ready for consumption form.18.00%
210621060000Food preparations not elsewhere specified or included i.e. Protein concentrates and testured protien substances, Sugar syrups containing added flavouring or colouring matterm not elsewhere specified or included; lactose syrup, glucosesyrup and malto dextrine syrupm, Compound preparations for making non-alcoholic beverages, food flavouring material Churna for pan, custurd powder. 28.00%
210621069020Pan masala28.00%
210621069030Supari inculding scented supari18.00%
210621069040Sugar syrup containing added flavouring or colouring matter, not elsewhere specified or included; lactose syrup, glucose syrup and malto-dextrine syrup28.00%
210621069050Compound preparations for making non-alcoholic beverages28.00%
210621069060Food flavouring material28.00%
210621069070Churna for pan28.00%
210621069080Custard powder18.00%

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