GST Rate & HSN Code for Rubberised textile fabrics, Convayer belts – Chapter 59

GST Rates & HSN Codes For Rubberised Textile Fabrics,Convayer Belts, Transmission, Accessories, Laminated With Plastic

HeadingHSN CodeItem nameRate
590159010000Textile book covered fabric, tracing cloth, paint canvas12.00%
590159011000Textile fabrics coated with gum or amylaceous substances12.00%
590159019000Tracing cloth; prepared painting canvas; buckram12.00%
590259020000Tire cord fabric of high tenacity yarn, nylon etc12.00%
590259021000Tyre cord fabric of high tenacity yarn of polyamides12.00%
590259022000Tyre cord fabric of high tenacity yarn of polyesters12.00%
590259029000Tyre cord fabric of high tenacity yarn of viscose rayon12.00%
590359030000Textile fabrics (not tire cord) coat etc, plastics12.00%
590359031000Textile fabrics impregnated, coated, covered with polyvinly chloride12.00%
590359032000Textile fabrics impregnated, coated, covered with polyurethane12.00%
590359039000Textile fabrics impregnated, coated, covered with other plastics12.00%
590459040000Linoleum, floor cover with coat etc on a text base12.00%
590459049100Floor coverings, with a base consisting of needleloom felt or nonwovens12.00%
590459049200Floor coverings, with other textile base12.00%
590559050000Textile wall coverings12.00%
590559050000Textile wall coverings12.00%
590659060000Rubberized textile fabrics, other than tire cordc12.00%
590659061000Adhesive tape of a width not exceeding 20cm12.00%
590659069100Rubberised textile fabrics, knitted or crocheted12.00%
590659069900Other rubberised textile fabrics12.00%
590759070000Textile fabric, coated, etc, theatrical scenery, back-cloths12.00%
590759070000Textile fabrics otherwise impregnated, coated or cove12.00%
590859080000Textile wicks for lamps etc and gas mantles et12.00%
590859080000Textile wicks; incandescent gas mantles12.00%
590959090000Textile hosepiping and similar textile tubing12.00%
590959090000Textile hosepiping and similar textile tubing12.00%
590959090030Articles made of jute12.00%
591059100000Transmission or conveyor belts or belting, of textile material12.00%
591059100000Transmission/conveyor belts, tex matrl, whthr/not reinfrcd12.00%
591159110000Textile products etc. For specific tech uses nesoi12.00%
591159111000Textile fabrics, for card clothing, for technical use12.00%
591159112000Bolting cloth12.00%
591159113100Textile fabrics and felts, weighing less than 650g/m212.00%
591159113200Textile fabrics and felts, weighing 650g/m2 or more12.00%
591159114000Straining cloth of a kind used in oil presses and the like12.00%
591159119000Other textile products and articles, for technical use12.00%

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