GST Rate & HSN Code for Labels, Bades, Woven pile & Chennile, Terry towelings – Chapter 58

GST Rates & HSN Codes For Woven Pile & Chennile, Terry Towelings, Embroider Materials, Woven Fabric Metals, Trimming Of Pices, ornamental Trimming, Labels And Badges

HeadingHSN CodeItem nameRate
580158010000Woven pile & chenille fabrics nesoi (no terry etc)12.00%
580158010000Corduroy fabrics5.00%
580158011000Woven pile fabrics and chenille fabrics of wool or fine animal hair12.00%
580158012100Uncut weft pile fabrics of cotton12.00%
580158012200Cut corduroy of cotton12.00%
580158012300Other weft pile fabrics of cotton12.00%
580158012400Warp pile fabrics, uncut, of cotton12.00%
580158012500Warp pile fabrics, cut, of cotton12.00%
580158012600Chenille fabrics of cotton12.00%
580158013100Uncut weft pile fabrics of man-made fibres12.00%
580158013200Cut corduroy of man-made fibres12.00%
580158013300Other weft pile fabrics of man-made fibres12.00%
580158013400Warp pile fabrics, uncut, of man-made fibres12.00%
580158013500Warp pile fabrics, cut, of man-made fibres12.00%
580158013600Chenille fabrics of man-made fibres12.00%
580158019000Pile fabrics and chenille fabrics of other textile materials12.00%
580258020000Woven terry fabrics nesoi, tufted tex fabric nesoi12.00%
580258021100Unbleached terry towelling and similar woven terry fabrics, of cotton580219 other terry towelling and similar woven terry fabrics, of cotton12.00%
580258022000Terry towelling of other textile materials12.00%
580258023000Tufted textile fabrics12.00%
580358030000Gauze (other than narrow fabrics not over 30 cm)12.00%
580358031000Gauze of cotton12.00%
580358039000Gauze of other textile materials12.00%
580458040000Tulles & other net fabrics, lace in pc, strip etc.12.00%
580458041000Tulles and other net fabrics, not including woven, knitted or crocheted12.00%
580458042100Mechanically made lace of man-made fibres12.00%
580458042900Mechanically made lace of other textile materials12.00%
580458043000Hand-made lace12.00%
580558050000Hand-woven tapestries wall hang use only12.00%
580558050000Hand-woven tapestries, needle-worked tapestries12.00%
580658060000Narrow woven fabrics except labels etc in pc etc12.00%
580658061000Other narrow woven fabrics, 5% or more of elastomeric yarn12.00%
580658061000Pile fabrics and chenille fabrics, of narrow woven fabrics12.00%
580658063100Other narrow woven fabrics of cotton12.00%
580658063200Other narrow woven fabrics of man-made fibres12.00%
580658063900Other narrow woven fabrics of other textile materials12.00%
580658064000Fabrics consisting of warp assembled by means of an adhesive(bolducs)12.00%
580758070000Labels, badges etc of textiles, in the pc etc12.00%
580758071000Woven labels, badges and similar articles, not embroidered12.00%
580758079000Other labels, badges of textile materials, not embroidered12.00%
580858080000Braids in pc, ornamental trim in piece etc, tassels etc12.00%
580858080000Saree Fall5.00%
580858081000Braids in the piece12.00%
580858089000Ornamental trimmings in the piece; tassels, pompons and similar articles12.00%
580958090000Woven fabrics of metal thread & metallized yarn nec12.00%
580958090000Woven fabrics of metal thread, of metallized yarn12.00%
580958090000Embroidery or zari
articles, that is to say,-
imi, zari, kasab, saima,
dabka, chumki, gota
sitara, naqsi, kora, glass
beads, badla, glzal,
581058100000Embroidery in the piece, in strips or in motifs12.00%
581058101000Embroidery without visible ground, in the piece, in strips or in motifs12.00%
581058109100Embroidery of cotton, in the piece, in the strips or in motifs12.00%
581058109200Embroidery of man-made fibres, in the piece, in the strips or in motifs12.00%
581058109210Embroidered badges, motifs and thelike12.00%
581058109220Other embroidered articles12.00%
581058109900Embroidery of other textile materials, in the piece, in the strips12.00%
581158110000Quilt tex prod pc 1> layer w/pad stch not embr h 581012.00%
581158110000Quilted textile products in the piece, other than embroidery12.00%

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