GST Rate & HSN Code for Insecticides, Artificial Carbon & Graphite – Chapter 38

GST Rates & HSN Codes on Gum, Wood, Sulphate Oils, Fungicides, Herbicides

HeadingHSN CodeItem nameRate
380138010000Artificial graphite; colloidal or semi-colloidal graphite; preparations based on graphite or other carbon in the form of pastes, blocks, plates or other semi-manufactures.18.00%
380138011000Artificial graphite18.00%
380138012000Colloidal or semi-colloidal graphite18.00%
380138013000Carbonaceous pastes for electrodes, similar paste for furnace linings 380190 other preparations based on graphite or other carbon18.00%
380238020000Activated carbon; activated natural mineral products; animal black, including spent animal black .18.00%
380238021000Activated carbon18.00%
380238029000Activated natural mineral products, animal black18.00%
380338030000Tall oil, whether or not refined18.00%
380438040000Residual lyes for the manufacture of wood pulp, whether or not concentrated, desugared or chemically treated, including lignin sulphonates, but excluding tall oil of heading 3803 residual lyes for the manufacture of wood pulp, whether or not concentrated, desugared or chemically treated, including lignin sulphonates.18.00%
380438040010Lingnin sulphonates18.00%
380438040020Concentrated sulphate Iye18.00%
380538050000Gum, wood or sulphate turpentine and other terpenic oils produced by the distillation or other treatment of coniferous woods; crude dipentene; sulphite turpentine and other crude para-cymene; pine oil containing alpha-terpineol as the main constituent gum.18.00%
380538051000Gum wood or sulphate tur pentine oils18.00%
380538052000Pine oil18.00%
380538059000Other terpenic oils, crude dipentene, sulphite turpentine, para-cymene18.00%
380638060000Rosin and resin acids, and derivatives thereof; rosin spirit and rosin oils; run gums 18.00%
380638061000Rosin and resin acids18.00%
380638061010Gum rosin18.00%
380638062000Salts of rosin or of resin acids18.00%
380638063000Ester gums18.00%
380638069000Other derivatives of rosin, resin acids, rosin spirit, rosin oil, run gums18.00%
380738070000Wood tar; wood tar oils; wood creosote; wood naphtha; vegetable pitch; brewers pitch and similar preparations based on rosin, resin acids or on vegetable pitch wood tar; wood tar oils; wood creosote;wood naphtha; vegetable pitch; brewers pitch and similar preparations based on rosin, resin acids or on vegetable pitch 18.00%
380738070010Wood tar18.00%
380738070020Wood tar oils18.00%
380738070030Pine tar18.00%
380838080000Insecticides, rodenticides, fungicides, herbicides, anti-sprouting products and plant-growth regulators, disinfectants and similar products.18.00%
380838081000Insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, weedicides and pesticides of technicla grade18.00%
380838081091Repellants for insect scu as flies, mosquitoes18.00%
380838081091Repellants for insect such as flies, mosquitoes 18.00%
380838083000Herbicides, anti-sprouting products, plant-growth regulators18.00%
380838089000Rodenticides, other similar products18.00%
380938090000Finishing agents, dye carriers to accelerate the dyeing or fixing of dye-stuffs and other products and preparations (for example, dressings and mordants), of a kind used in the textile,  paper, leather or like industries not elsewhere specified or included18.00%
380938091000Finishing agents, dye carriers, mordants with a basis of amylaceous substances18.00%
380938099100Finishing agents, dye carriers, mordants for textile industrial uses18.00%
380938099110Textile assistants mordanting agents18.00%
380938099120Textile assistants desizing agents18.00%
380938099130Textile assistants despersing agents18.00%
380938099140Textile assistants emulsigying agents18.00%
380938099150Textile assistants hydro-sulphate Formaldehyde compund (rongalite or formusul)18.00%
380938099160Textile assistants – textile preservatives18.00%
380938099170Textile assistants water prooofing agents18.00%
380938099180Prepared textile glazings, dressings and mordants18.00%
380938099200Finishing agents, dye carriers, mordants for paper industrial uses18.00%
380938099300Finishing agents, dye carriers, mordants of a kind used in the leather or like industries18.00%
380938099310Fatty oil or pull up oil18.00%
380938099900Other finishing agents, dye carriers, mordants, dressings18.00%
381038100000Pickling preparations for metal surfaces; fluxes and other auxiliary preparations for soldering, brazing or welding; soldering, brazing or welding powders and pastes consisting of metal and other materials; preparations of a kind used as cores or coatings for welding electrodes or rods.18.00%
381038101000Pickling preparations for metal surfaces, soldering powders and pastes18.00%
381038109000Fluxes for soldering, welding, preparations used as coatings for welding electrodes18.00%
381138110000Anti-knock preparations, oxidation inhibitors, gum inhibitors, viscosity improvers, anti-corrosive preparations and other prepared additives, for mineral oils (including gasoline) or for other liquids used for the same purposes as mineral oils.28.00%
381138111100Anti-knock preparations based on lead compounds28.00%
381138111900Other anti-knock preparations28.00%
381138112100Additives for lubricating oils (containing petroleum oils or bituminous oils)28.00%
381138112900Other additives for lubricating oils28.00%
381138119000Oxidation inhibitors, gum inhibitors, viscosity improvers, other prepared additives28.00%
381238120000Prepared rubber accelerators; compound plasticisers for rubber or plastics, not elsewhere specified or included; anti-oxidising preparations and other compound stabilisers for rubber or plastics ; such as Vulcanizing agents for rubber.18.00%
381238121000Prepared rubber accelerators18.00%
381238122000Compound plasticisers for rubber or plastics18.00%
381238123000Anti-oxidising preparations and other compound stabilisers for rubber or plastics18.00%
381238123010Anti-oxidants for rubber18.00%
381238123020Softner for rubber18.00%
381238123030Vulcanising agents for rubber18.00%
381238123090Blowing agent18.00%
381338130000Preparations and Charges for fire extinguishers;  charged fire-extinguishing grenades28.00%
381338130000Preparations for fire-extinguishers, charged fire-extinguishing grenades28.00%
381438140000Organic composite solvents and thinners, not elsewhere specified or included; prepared paint or varnish removers .28.00%
381438140010Composite solvents and thinners not elsewhere specified or included28.00%
381438140020Composite solvents and thinners not elsewhere specified or included28.00%
381538150000Reaction initiators, reaction accelerators and catalytic preparations, not elsewhere specified or included.18.00%
381538151100Supported catalysts with nickel or nickel compounds as activesubstance18.00%
381538151200Supported catalysts with precious metal or its compounds as active substance18.00%
381538151210Platinum or palladium catalysts with a base of activated carbon18.00%
381538151900Other supported catalysts18.00%
381538159000Reaction initiators, reaction accelerators, catalytic preparations18.00%
381638160000Refractory cements, mortars, concretes and similar compositions, other than products of heading 3801.18.00%
381738170000Mixed alkylbenzenes & mixed alkylnaphthalene, etc.,18.00%
381738170011Linear alkylbenezens18.00%
381738170020Mixed alkylnaphthalenes18.00%
381738171000Mixed alkylbenzenes18.00%
381838180000Chemical elements doped for use in electronics, in the form of discs, wafers or similar forms; chemical compounds doped for use in electronics . [other than silicon wafers].18.00%
381838180000Silicon wafers12.00%
381838180010Undefused silicon wafers12.00%
381838180090Other chemical elements doped18.00%
381838189000Floor coverings, wall or ceiling coverings, of other plastics18.00%
381938190000Hydraulic brake fluids and other preparedliquids for hydraulic transmission, not containing or containing less than 70% by weight of petroleum oils or oils obtained from bituminous minerals .28.00%
382038200000Antifreezing preparations & prepared de-icing fluids28.00%
382138210000Prepared culture media for development of micro-organisms (including viruses and the like) or of plant, human or animal cells.18.00%
382238220000Diagnostic or laboratory reagents etc.,12.00%
382238220011Pregnancy confirmation reagents18.00%
382238220012Reagents for diagnosing AIDS18.00%
382238220019Reagents for diagnosing AIDS: Other18.00%
382338230000Industrial monocarboxylic fatty acids; acid oils from refining; industrial fatty alcohols.18.00%
382338231100Stearic acid18.00%
382338231111Palm stearin crude18.00%
382338231112Palm stearin RBD18.00%
382338231119Other Palm stearin18.00%
382338231190Other stearic acid or stearin18.00%
382338231200Oleic acid18.00%
382338231300Tall oil fatty acids18.00%
382338231900Other industrial monocarboxylic fatty acids, acid oils from refining18.00%
382338237000Industrial fatty alcohols18.00%
382438240000Prepared binders for foundry moulds or cores; chemical products and preparations of the chemical or allied industries (including those consisting of mixtures of natural products), not elsewhere specified or included; including Ready mix concrete (3824.50.10), salts for curing or salting (3824.90.16), Surface tension reducing agents (3824.90.17), Water treatment chemicals (3824.90.22), Stencil correction fluid (3824.90.24), Participated Silica (3824.90.24)18.00%
382438241000Prepared binders for foundry molds or cores18.00%
382438243000Nonagglomerated metal carbides mixed together or with metallic binders18.00%
382438244000Prepared additives for cements, mortars or concretes18.00%
382438245000Nonrefractory mortars and concretes18.00%
382438245010Readymix Concrete18.00%
382438246000Sorbitol other than that of subheading 2905.4418.00%
382438249016Salts forcuring or salting18.00%
382438249017Surface tension reducing agents18.00%
382438249022Water treatment chemicals18.00%
382438249022Water Treatment Chemicals18.00%
382438249024Stencil correction fluid18.00%
382438249025Precipitated Silica18.00%
382538250000Residual products of the chemical or allied industries, not elsewhere specified or included;

[except municipal waste; sewage sludge; other wastes specified in note 6 to
this chapter]

  18.00% 3825 38251000 Municipal waste; Sewage sludge; Clinical waste NIL 3825 38255000 Wastes of metal picling liquors, hydraulic fluids, barke fluids and anti-freeze fluids. 18.00% 3825 38256100 Other wastes from chemical or allied industries: Mainly containing organic constituents 18.00% 3826 38260000 Biodiesel and mixtures thereof, not containing or containing less than 70% by weight of petroleum oils or oils obtained from bituminous minerals 18.00%

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