GST Rate & HSN Code for Children Toys, Table & Board Games & Sports Goods – Chapter 95

GST Rate & HSN Code for Children Toys, Table & Board Games & Sports Goods – Dolls, Tricycles, Scooters, Electronic Toys, Chess, Carom, Playing Card, Billiards, Golf, Swimming & Padding Pools.

HeadingHSN CodeItem nameRate
950395030000Toys like tricycles, scooters, pedal cars etc. (including parts and accessories thereof) [other than electronic toys]
950395030000Electronic Toys like tricycles, scooters, pedal cars etc. (including parts and accessories thereof)18.00%
950395031000Electric trains, including tracks, signals & other accessories theref18.00%
950395032000Reduced-size (“scale”) model assembly kits, excluding electric trains18.00%
950395033000Other construction sets and constructional toys18.00%
950395034100Toys representing animals, stuffed18.00%
950395034900Other toys representing animals18.00%
950395035000Toy musical instruments and apparatus18.00%
950395037000Other toys, put up in sets or out-fits18.00%
950395038000Other toys and models, incorporating a motor18.00%
950395039000Other toys18.00%
950495040000Video games consoles and Machines28.00%
950495041000Video games of a kind used with a television receiver28.00%
950495042000Articles, parts and accessories for billiards28.00%
950495043000Other games, coin-or disc-operated other than bowling alley equipment28.00%
950495044000Play in cards28.00%
950495044000Playing cards12.00%
950495049000Other articles for funfair, table or parlour games28.00%
950595050000Festive, carnival or other entertainment articles, including conjuring tricks and novelty jokes 28.00%
950595051000Articles for christmas festivities28.00%
950595059000Other festive, carnival or entertainment articles28.00%
950695060000Articles and equipment for general physical exercise, gymnastics, athletics, other sports (including tabletennis) or out-door games, not specified or included elsewhere in this chapter; swimming pools and paddling pools 28.00%
950695060000Swimming pools and padding pools18.00%
950695060000Sports goods other than articles and equipments for general physical exercise 12.00%
950695060000Articles for physical and general exercise and fitness equipments 28.00%
950695061200Snow-ski-fastenings (ski-bindings)28.00%
950695061900Other snow-ski equipment28.00%
950695062900Water-skis, surf-boards and other water-sport equipment28.00%
950695063100Golf clubs, complete28.00%
950695063200Golf balls28.00%
950695063900Other golf equipment28.00%
950695064000Articles and equipment for table-tennis28.00%
950695065100Lawn-tennis rackets, whether or not strung28.00%
950695065900Other tennis, badminton or similar rackets28.00%
950695066100Lawn-tennis balls28.00%
950695066200Balls, inflatable28.00%
950695066900Other balls, other than golf balls and table-tennis balls28.00%
950695067000Ice skates and roller skates28.00%
950695069100Gymnasium or athletics articles and equipment28.00%
950695069910Other articles for other sports lime Motorized Treadmill, Air Bikes, Massager, Horse Rider, Rowing Machine, swimming pools and padding pools28.00%
950795070000Fishing rods, fish-hooks and other line fishing tackle; fish landing nets, etc.12.00%
950795071000Fishing rods12.00%
950795073000Fishing reels12.00%
950795079000Other fishing fackles; butterfly nets; hunting or shooting requisites12.00%
950895080000Roundabouts, swings, shooting galleries and other fairground amusements; [other than travelling circuses and travelling menageries].28.00%

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